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Program Management

Program Management



Pennie  Drinkard  is the  owner  and  president of Advanced Vision Systems Inc. (AVSI).    Pennie spent  many years in the private sector  before  founding  AVSI.   AVSI had humble  beginnings  as an engineering consulting company  run from  Pennie’s basement office. Pennie launched AVSI and ran the company from her basement.    AVSI  offered  boutique-style consulting to  high-tech design-build firms; helping them  bring their systems and services to the market. 
 Entrepreneur Sheila Zattau joined AVSI as the company’s  Marketing Manager. Sheila's focus on Federal market growth was instrumental in establishing AVSI as a high-touch service provider to the NAVY and other branches of DoD and other Federal agencies.  



In an effort to boost the local economy AVSI pitched their headquarters tent in the Town of Indian Head. Indian Head was selected as it’s the place where both Pennie and Sheila  grew up , as well as  wanting to have a major impact on the Town’s revitalization.  

NSWC Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD) awarded AVSI their 1st Federal Government contract for Engineering and Technical Support Services for Ordnance and Related Systems.”


The Town of Indian Head awards AVSI a contract for the design and development of their new website” 


NSWC Indian Head Division awarded AVSI a contract for Technical Acquisition Support Services.


US Army awards AVSI a contract for the upgrading of Security Cameras in & on Museum Grounds.




Charles County Economic Development Department awards AVSI a contract for the upgrade of the EDD website.



AVSI designed and developed an Apprenticeship Program for CNC Machinists.  After presenting the design to the State of Maryland DLLR, the program was approved in late 2014. The Maryland approved Apprenticeship program requires 8000 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) and 144 hours (annually) related classroom training. In December 2014, our first applicant entered the program.


DCSA contracts with AVSI for the design, installation,  integration,  monitoring and maintenance of Physical Security Systems nationwide. 




Tri County Council of Southern Maryland Workforce Development Board awards AVSI a contract to development new website.


Dept of Treasury contracts with AVSI for an integrated Key Replacement & Management  System



Today AVSI continues to offer exemplary Efficient Engineering™, Information Technology &  Electronic Physical Security services to our Commercial & Local, State & Federal Government customers.

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